Love the Donor, Keep the Donor

Emma Kieran, founder of Pilot Peak Consulting, is giving you a sneak peek into our webinar, Loving Your Mid-Level Donors: Creating a Retention Program.  Check out these first steps to identifying, assessing and moving forward with mid-level donors to leverage their valuable contribution to your fundraising efforts. 



Does your organization want to increase the revenue given per donor? Creating a mid-level donor program might be the right option for you. Watch the recorded webinar, Loving Your Mid-Level Donors: Creating a Retention Program, to learn more about how to access any money left on the table by your most dedicated donors.


Emma Gilmore Kiernan

EMMA GILMORE KIERAN started Pilot Peak Consulting in 2014, bringing more than 16 years of professional and volunteer fundraising experience. She has worked with over 50 nonprofits in her career on a broad range of projects from planning to implementation, coaching and interim services. Most recently, Emma was the vice president for Fundraising and Development at Orr Associates, Inc. and a consultant with Changing Our World.